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Misc Archive

How To Make a CAT5 Network Cable

All too often I need to make a CAT 5 cable. Here is how to make one. First off, there are two standards for CAT5, honestly I see no difference between them other than what color pair

Get Latitude and Longitude From Google Maps

There are times when using Google Maps you need to get the latitude and longitude. However there is an easy way to get this info even though Google Maps doesn’t display Latitude and longitude coordinates. The first thing to do

Completely and Securely Erase Hard Drive Data

Recently I was asked to completely erase a hard drive. As a lot of people know, just deleting a file, or re-formatting the hard drivedoesn’t do the trick. The data is still on your hard drive, and

Enter Latitude Longitude Coordinates in Google Maps

Recently at work, I needed to find a location in Google Maps using latitude and longitude. In order to do this, the latitude and longitude can be in either Degrees, Minutes, seconds, or in decimal form. So by