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Ubuntu – Wireshark Shows No Interfaces eth0

Wireshark Shows no Interfaces Eth0

Wireshark Shows no Interfaces Eth0

You have installed wireshark on your ubuntu computer, yet you can’t capture packets because it isn’t showing any interfaces.

The problem is that in ubuntu in order for wireshark it needs to have root privileges. Although this is not recommended procedure to give an application root privileges, it also seems to me that there is no point in even running wireshark if it can’t access say, the eth0, or eth1 interface.

There are a couple of ways to giving wireshark root privileges. On way is to open up the terminal and run the following command: sudo wireshark. after entering your password, Wireshark will show interfaces such as eth0.

Another way is to press Alt+F2 to bring up the “Run Application” dialog and type ingksudo wireshark.

Personally, I like to add gksudo wireshark to the menu option that launches wireshark. To do this, do the following:

1. Right click on Applications.
2. Click on Edit Menus.
3. Find where Wireshark is launched from
(Usually in the Internet menu tab)
4. Double click on Wireshark to open up the launcher applet.
5. In the field labeled Command: addgksudo in front of wireshark.

When you are done, it should look like this:

Wireshark shows no interface in Ubuntu

Wireshark shows no interface in Ubuntu

Now every time you run wireshark, you will see all of the ethernet interfaces on your computer.

Being a former Windows user, I often also need to use the ubuntu equivalent of ipconfig. This article cross-references those commands to Ubuntu.

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