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Ubuntu – Wireshark Shows No Interfaces eth0

You have installed wireshark on your ubuntu¬†computer, yet you can’t capture packets because it isn’t showing any interfaces. The problem is that in ubuntu in order for wireshark it needs to have root privileges. Although this is

Extend Your Wireless Network with a DIY 2.4 GHZ WiFi Cantenna

If you are interested in extending the range of your wifi network, and don’t mind a little construction, here are plans for building a 2.4 gHz high gain antenna for wireless networks. (A.K.A. Cantenna) With the use

How To Secure a Wireless Network

With wireless networks popping up everywhere from coffeehouses, businesses, and our own homes, the convenience of a wireless network is quite wonderful. However practically all wireless routers come out of the box in an insecure state. This