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2 meter Archive

Charge Yaesu VX-1R Via a USB Port

One of the many features of the Yaesu VX-1 is its extensive receive capabilities, including the AM & FM broadcast band, as well as 108 – 999 mHz (less cellular). With the 3.7 volt Lithium battery, it

2 Meter Turnstile Antenna For Amateur Satellite Communication

Here are construction plans of a Turnstile antenna that I use for space communication on the 2 meter amateur radio band. Specifically for 145.80 mHz. A Turnstile antenna with a reflector underneath it makes a good antenna

2 Meter Antenna for Bicycle Mobile Operation

Perhaps the biggest problem with taking your HT bicycling is coming up with a decent antenna on your bicycle. This is because the bike doesn’t provide much of a ground plane. I found an article in the ARRL’s

Build a 2 Meter Vertical Antenna

I needed to replace my old 2 Meter 1/4 wave vertical antenna for the 146 mHz. amateur radio band. The old one had lost its radials and I wasn’t able to hit the various amateur radio repeaters around.

Build a DIY 2 Meter J-pole Antenna

If you are looking for an inexpensive, and easy to construct antenna, the J-pole antenna is a great one! In about an hours time, and about $15 worth of materials, you can have a great performing omnidirectional