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Share Files On Your iPad With DropBox

How to install DropBox on you iPad

How to install DropBox on you iPad

Dropbox is a great free file sharing utility for use with your iPad, or any other computer, including a smartphone.Dropbox uses cloud computing. Think of your dropbox as a virtual hard drive connected to your iPad via the internet.

One of the many nice things about dropbox is that it is platform independent. Which means you can easily access you files not only with your iPad, but also with your PC, smartphone, and mac. With Dropbox’s ever increasing popularity, eventually your friends will no doubt have their own dropbox too. If they too have a dropbox account, it is quite easy to share a dropbox folder with other dropbox users.

The easiest way to install dropbox on your iPad, is to download the app, then sync to your iPad.

Here is the link to Install Dropbox on your iPad