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Security Certificate Error From Websites

Security Certificate Error on Websites

Security Certificate Error on Websites

The other day my boss called me into his office and said that he was getting lots of Security Certificate messages when he would go to various websites.

The error message varies depending on what browser you are using. For example, Internet Explorer‘s error message says “There is a problem with this web site  Security Certificate”

Firefox says: “Secure Connection Failed” while Google Chrome says “The server’s Security Certificate is not yet valid”

Whatever the message, the problem is usually that your computer’s date is set to a wrong date. Typically the date is way off, like years off. However there are other reasons for getting a Security Certificate error that are valid, and should also be considered. For example, perhaps the Security Certificate of the website has really expired, or the website is not really trustworthy.

The most common reason though is that your computer’s date is incorrectly set. One thing that I usually do is configure my computer to get its time from an Internet time server. This insures that my date and time are always correct.

Once you are sure that your computer’s date and time settings are correct and you still get a Security Certificate error,  then you have to assume that either the website’s certificate has truly expired, or the website is not trustworthy.

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