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Reset Forgotten Password in Ubuntu

Reset Forgotten Password in Ubuntu Linux

Reset Forgotten Password in Ubuntu Linux

I was recently given a laptop with Ubuntu linux on it, but they forgot the password. Here is how to reset a forgotten password in Ubuntu.

When the computer starts booting, press the [Esc] key. This will show you the boot menu. Use the Up /Down arrow keys to select Recovery Mode. Next you will see a a screen titled “Recovery Menu”. Again use the Up /Down arrow keys to select “root”. You will get a command prompt, and you will be the root user.

If you aren’t sure of your username, just do a directory of the /home folder, and you will see all of the registered users on the computer. Once you know the username, now its just a simple matter of executing the following command: passwd username where username is your username you will login under. You will be prompted for a password, so just enter a password that you want. It won’t echo back what you are typing, so don’t worry. You will be asked to confirm by re-typing your password.

Now you are ready to reboot with your reset password. to do this, just type exit, and select resume normal boot. After it finishes booting, just enter the password that you reset it to, and you are in! Sometimes the video will default to a low resolution. If that happens, completely reboot again, as some video drivers require a complete restart to come up properly.

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