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How to Install IPcop Firewall On An Old Computer

Install IPcop on an old computerI have been using IPcop for a while. It’s a great linux (and free) firewall. I don’t know if there are better firewalls out there, but it seems to serve my purposes and those of my employers and customers.

IPcop is a Linux based firewall (and therefore free) that installs from a CD. It can be easily managed from any web browser. You download it from here. You download an ISO image, and burn it (as an ISO..) to a cd. Then just boot from the CD, and follow the directions. There are however a few

things that could be improved. There seem to be a few “gotcha’s” that aren’t readily documented. These are some of my notes concerning installing IPcop’s firewall which will help smooth out the process.

After completeing the initial install, which is very straightforward, (just follow the prompts, and answer the questions) you will need to make a few tweaks to get things running smoothly on your new firewall.

For web based remote administrtion, IPcop uses port 445. However many ISP’s block this port as it has been used for many attacks. So changing it to another port is required. Here is how:

First, you need to enable SSH access on your IPcop firewall. To do this, login via the web interface. The default URL is this: http://GREEN_IP_ADDRESS:81. Hover your mouse over system then click on ssh access. Check the box that says ssh accessthen the save button.

Login into the IPcop firewall using ssh via port 222, and change these 5 files: