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Hard Limiting And Other Plugins For Audacity

Adding Hard Limiting and other plugins to Audacity

Adding Hard Limiting and other plugins to Audacity

Recently I started having to edit audio files in Audacity, which as a great Open Source Audio Editing software package. Its primary build is in Linux, but it has been ported to Windows and MAC OSX as well.

Audacity’s install comes with some basic plugins, like a compressor, but it didn’t have hard limiting. In doing some searches, I found out that it is an additional plugin as part of the LADSPA plugin standard.

Since I use Ubuntu, the easiest way for me to install these plugins was to open up the Terminal and type the following:

sudo aptitude install vco-plugins tap-plugins swh-plugins rev-plugins omins mcp-plugins

Now open up Audacity and record something. To use the Hard Limiter plugin select the entire waveform by pressing [CTRL] A. Then click on Effect then on Plugins 61 to 75 then on Hard Limiter. I usually set my DB Limit to -1.0.

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