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Configure An HP JetDirect 300X Print Server

How to configure HP JetDirect 300 Print Server

How to configure HP JetDirect 300 Print Server

Recently I acquired an Hewlett Packard JetDirect 300x print server. They seem like great little devices for setting up an old printer with only a parallel port to work on a network like what I have on my home network. However I came up on a problem. I had no way of knowing how to communicate to it. I didn’t know its IP address or anything! So after a few weeks of searching, I have found a way to reset it back to factory defaults. Here is how its done:

1. Set the DIP switches on the back as follows:

Man / Auto = MAN = UP
10 / 100 = 10 = DOWN
Full / Half = Half = DOWN

2. Press and hold the TEST button on the top while plugging in the power.
3. After 5 seconds, let go of the TEST button. (This sets everything to default)
4. Unplug the 300X and plug in a CAT-5 cable to your network (Needs a DHCP Server..)
5. Connect up a printer to the server.
6. Power up the 300X server.
7. After about 30 seconds, press the TEST button on the 300X, and the server configuration will print out.
8. Note the IP address.
9. Telnet to the above IP address. And configure the server.
10. Give it a static IP, and turn off unnecessary protocols.

To Configure a Microsoft Windows computer to print to this server:

1.Add a printer
2.Add a local port Type: TCP and use the address above.
3.Follow the prompts, and you are done!

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