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Charge Yaesu VX-1R Via a USB Port

Notice one of the wires on the Adaptaplug power cord has a white stripe on it. This goes to the red + of the USB cable. The non-striped wire goes to the black – of the USB cable.

Here is a photo of the cut Adaptaplug power cord soldered on to the USB cable.

Charge Yaesu VX-1R via USB port

USB cable is on the left, the Adaptaplug cable is on the right

Also notice each wire has a piece of heat shrink tubing, which is slid over the solder joint and heat-shrinked over it.

Now when I need to charge up my Yaesu VX-1R, I can use any USB port, or a USB Auto Adapter that plugs into my car. Here is a photo of my Yaesu VX-1R being charged by the USB port of my computer.

Charge a Yaesu VX-1R via a USB port

Charge a Yaesu VX-1R via a USB port

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