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Charge Yaesu VX-1R Via a USB Port

Charge Yaesu VX-1R via a USB Port

Charge Yaesu VX-1R via a USB Port

One of the many features of the Yaesu VX-1 is its extensive receive capabilities, including the AM & FM broadcast band, as well as 108 – 999 mHz (less cellular). With the 3.7 volt Lithium battery, it has a power output of 1/2 watt.

Charging the Yaesu VX-1 without the charger that comes with it can be a challenge since the maximum voltage on the EXT DC jack is 7.0 volts, usually a special 12 volt adapter is needed for charging the battery.

 One day while sitting at my computer, I realized the answer was right in front of me – the USB port! As part of the USB standard, the USB port provides +5 volts to the devices it connects to. Not only that, but I already had a 12 to 5 volt USB adapter for the cigarette lighter of my car. So all I need is to make a cable.

Since I had several old USB cables laying around, (doesn’t everybody?) all I needed was the end  that plugs into the Yaesu VX-1R. One option is to cut off the end of the wall charger provided by Yaesu, which is fine if it has quit working, but mine was still working fine. I ended up using the Enercell Adaptaplug series connectors for the end that plugs into the VX-1R. The beauty of using adaptaplug series is that the type of plug can be quickly changed out to a different connector. However, WARNING! if you aren’t paying attention and plug them in backwards to what your radio needs, you will destroy it – You have been warned, and I can not be held responsible for you not paying attention.

The Adaptaplug series of connectors are also known as type EIAJ connectors. The beauty of them is that you can use one cable for many different types of devices. You can easily change out the plug ends for various devices. The adaptaplug tip you need for the Yaesu VX-1R is Tip A.