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Windows Archive

Speed up Windows – Turn Off Indexing

A good way to speed up Windows XP is to turn off the indexing service. The indexing service goes through the files in your hard drive to speed up Windows XP‘s search utility. Most people don’t use

Rescue Your Laptop Computer From Spilled Coffee

Recently a co-worker stopped me and told me she had spilled her coffee all over her laptop, and asked me what to do. Things could be worse, it could have been pop (or soda). Here are a

How to Open a Stuck CD / DVD Drive

The other day I was asked by someone to look at their DVD drive that had a CD stuck in it. This can be frustrating when even pushing the Eject button, and the CD won’t eject. Fortunately,

Network Printer Going Offline in Windows 7 8 Vista

Recently I had a client with a networked printer constantly going offline. Even the classic Windows solution, rebooting didn’t fix the issue. This seems to be an issue not only in Windows 7, but also in Windows

FTP To Your Website in Windows

If you are the webmaster of a website, you need to be able to FTP it up to your web host. Windows has an easy way to FTP. Here is how to do it. The first thing

Completely and Securely Erase Hard Drive Data

Recently I was asked to completely erase a hard drive. As a lot of people know, just deleting a file, or re-formatting the hard drivedoesn’t do the trick. The data is still on your hard drive, and