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How To Get a Mac to Print To A Network Printer

Having recently configured my JetDirect 300X print server on my home network, it was time to get my son’s Mac to connect to our network printer. Here is how to set it up: On your Mac, click

How To Reset MySQL Root Password

The other day I needed to reset the root password for a mysql database because I forgot it (oops!). Fortunately, there is a simple solution to resetting the root password in mysql. The first thing you need to

Easy Way To Install Equipment into a 19″ Rack

I needed to install a transmitter into a 19″ equipment rack. Since it was heavy, and having installed heavy equipment into a rack I needed an easy way to do that. If you have ever installed something

SSH Login to a Server Without a Password

There is another way to login to a Linux / Ubuntu server other than the usual entering a password. It is known as Key Authentication, which is actually more secure than using a password to login to

How to Change the Default SSH port in Ubuntu

When I set up an Ubuntu server, I like to set set SSH daemon to a port to something other than the default of port 22. Changing the SSH port doesn’t guarantee security for your Ubuntu server, but it

Network Printer Going Offline in Windows 7 8 Vista

Recently I had a client with a networked printer constantly going offline. Even the classic Windows solution, rebooting didn’t fix the issue. This seems to be an issue not only in Windows 7, but also in Windows