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Misc Archive

Rescue Your Laptop Computer From Spilled Coffee

Recently a co-worker stopped me and told me she had spilled her coffee all over her laptop, and asked me what to do. Things could be worse, it could have been pop (or soda). Here are a

How to Open a Stuck CD / DVD Drive

The other day I was asked by someone to look at their DVD drive that had a CD stuck in it. This can be frustrating when even pushing the Eject button, and the CD won’t eject. Fortunately,

DIY 19 inch Equipment Rack LackRack

Recently I needed a 19″ equipment rack. But being cheap, I decided to build one. While searching the Internet, I found what is called a LackRack, which uses IKEA‘s Lack Table. However further reading revealed a couple

How to Save a Wet Cell Phone

The other day, a friend of mine dropped their cell phone into a bucket of water. If you have ever done something like drop your cell phone in the sink, or toilet (yuk!) or gone swimming with

Block Bad Bots and Spiders Using .htaccess

In setting up this site, I discovered that unscrupulous people set up bots to harvest email accounts, as well as my content. Yes, I have found exact copies of my stuff on other sites. This is by

Extend Your Wireless Network with a DIY 2.4 GHZ WiFi Cantenna

If you are interested in extending the range of your wifi network, and don’t mind a little construction, here are plans for building a 2.4 gHz high gain antenna for wireless networks. (A.K.A. Cantenna) With the use