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How To Reset MySQL Root Password

The other day I needed to reset the root password for a mysql database because I forgot it (oops!). Fortunately, there is a simple solution to resetting the root password in mysql. The first thing you need to

Easy Way To Install Equipment into a 19″ Rack

I needed to install a transmitter into a 19″ equipment rack. Since it was heavy, and having installed heavy equipment into a rack I needed an easy way to do that. If you have ever installed something

Build an Arduino Color Organ

I went to a show at a  local coffee shop and during the show, I realized their music would be great with a Color Organ. After the show I talked to the shop owner about it, and

Block Bad Bots and Spiders With a robots.txt File

In an earlier post, I talked about how to block bad bots and spiders from searching your website using a .htaccess file. In addition to that method, I am also using a similar technique with the robots.txt

Bond Ground Rods With Exothermic Welding

At work, I recently put in a ground system for our new translator, which requires a good ground system. A critical part of that is properly bonding the copper ground wires to the ground rod. The best

Rescue Your Laptop Computer From Spilled Coffee

Recently a co-worker stopped me and told me she had spilled her coffee all over her laptop, and asked me what to do. Things could be worse, it could have been pop (or soda). Here are a