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Antenna Archive

DIY NVIS Antenna Using a Mag Mount

Part of being a ham radio operator is to provide communications in times of emergencies. With the upcoming Ohio NVIS Antenna Day, I decided to look into NVIS antennas. NVIS antennas, also known as Near Incident Vertical

Bond Ground Rods With Exothermic Welding

At work, I recently put in a ground system for our new translator, which requires a good ground system. A critical part of that is properly bonding the copper ground wires to the ground rod. The best

2 Meter Turnstile Antenna For Amateur Satellite Communication

Here are construction plans of a Turnstile antenna that I use for space communication on the 2 meter amateur radio band. Specifically for 145.80 mHz. A Turnstile antenna with a reflector underneath it makes a good antenna

2 Meter Antenna for Bicycle Mobile Operation

Perhaps the biggest problem with taking your HT bicycling is coming up with a decent¬†antenna on your bicycle. This is because the bike doesn’t provide much of a ground plane. I found an article in the ARRL’s

Extend Your Wireless Network with a DIY 2.4 GHZ WiFi Cantenna

If you are interested in extending the range of your wifi network, and don’t mind a little construction, here are plans for building a 2.4 gHz high gain antenna for wireless networks. (A.K.A. Cantenna) With the use

DIY 70cm – 440 mHz J Pole Construction Plans

Here is an inexpensive J-pole antenna that is easy to construct. In about an hours time, and about $10 worth of materials, you can have a great performing omnidirectional j-pole antenna. This antenna is based on the