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Build a DIY 2 Meter J-pole Antenna

The point where the tuning stub attaches to the main element is the j-pole antenna’s ground point. That is why you can make it any length. Its a good idea to provide a ground here. This too will help with lightning protection. (provided your tower is properly grounded!)

Only use rosin-core solder. Don’t use “plumbing solder”, acid-core solder, or plumbing paste. The acid in these materials breaks down the solder joint when electric current passes through it.

The photo below is one of my j-pole antennas that I use. This one is not the 2 meter version described here, but rather the 70 cm version of the J-Pole antenna.

Build a DIY 2 Meter J-Pole Antenna

Build a DIY 2 Meter J-Pole Antenna

So there you have it. I have built several j-pole antennas, and they work great! This one has been up for about 7 years. You can see how the pipe turns black from the weather. This is normal, and doesn’t hurt the performance of the antenna in any way.

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