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Build a 2 Meter Vertical Antenna

After you are done soldering, your connector for your 2 meter antenna should look like this:

Build a DIY 2 Meter Vertical Antenna

Build a DIY 2 Meter Vertical Antenna

Then slide the coax through the other end of the pipe and through the adapter. I was using RG-8U coax on my 2 meter antenna, I suggest you do the same. Then take the 3/4″THD Dome Cap and slide on to the end of the SO-239 connector, and connect the coax to the antenna like in the photo below:

Build a DIY 2 Meter Vertical Antenna

Build a DIY 2 Meter Vertical Antenna

As you can see, since I used a screw type PVC connector, it is easy to take it back apart to service the antenna if need be.

After the 2 meter vertical antenna is assembled, bend the radials down 45 degrees. Now its time to trim it into the 2 meter amateur radio band. To do this, I used my workmate to hold the antenna in place. For me, I wanted to tune the antenna for the middle of the 2 meter band, as usually enough bandwidth for the antenna to cover almost the entire 2 meter band.

To calculate the length of the antenna’s vertical element, use the following formula:

Length (in.) = 2808 / F

Where F= 146 mHz.

If you want your 2 meter antenna to resonate at a different frequency, then use the above formula accordingly. For me the length I want is 19.25″ so I make the vertical element a bit longer. This allows me to tune it in with an SWR bridge.

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