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Accurately Set Computer Time – Time Sync

Accurately Time Sync Your Computer

Accurately Time Sync Your Computer

It can be annoying when your computer clock is not set to the correct time. A great way to take care of this is to sync your computer to a time server on the internet. This way your clock on your computer will always have the correct time. Here is how to set that up.

There are time servers all over the internet that you can sync to. This way you won’t have to keep setting the clock on your computer to the correct time.  To set this up, just double-click on the clock in the lower right hand corner of your screen.

Windows will open up the dialog box, and click on theInternet Timetab, and you will be shown the dialog box on the right. Check the box labeled Automatically syncronize with an Internet time server.

Accurately Set Your Computer Time with Time Sync

Accurately Set Your Computer Time with Time Sync

The default time server is time.windows.com however it seems to be a bit unreliable. (go figure!) I prefer to use the ntp.org time servers, as they pool several time servers, which spreads the load of time syncronization.

The thing to do is to select the time server pool for your continent. The NTP time sync pool then randomly selects a time server to sync your computer to.

Here is a list of time server pools based on continent:

In my case, I typed in north-america.pool.ntp.org in for the server. Then click Update Now. If everything went well, you will see underneath the server “Time has been sucessfully syncronized with” and the name of the server you selected.

Click the OK button and you are done.

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