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About Me

MikesTechBlog-meHello and welcome to Mike’s Tech Blog. These tech notes are often the result of my attempts to set up or install something. Often after many hours of searching the internet and collecting bits and pieces of information, I invariably wish all of these pieces were in one place. I figure if I have looked into something once, I don’t want to have to go through that again. Additionally, I might as well share my “stumbling around” with others so others won’t have to.

I have many varied interests. They range from Computers, as well as networking. I enjoy photography, and music. I am also a ham radio operator (My call is WB8ERJ), and have been for the last almost 40 years. I work at a radio station, WVMC as their engineer, as well as Mansfield Christian School, and Discovery School as an I.T. guy. This gives me many opportunities in the area of Microsoft products, Linux, and networking. I also have a degree in Electronics, which I also use at WVMC in Mansfield, Ohio.

If you have any questions, comments, or just general hate mail, feel free to Email me.

I hope you find this blog useful.

— Mike Thompson